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Welcome to Guardian Firearms Training! 

My name is Ian Vella Wilkinson and I am excited to help guide you through YOUR journey in the world of firearms. 

As a beginner it can be intimidating with all the resources, options, and advice, that are available. As you progress there will be times where you are not sure what next steps will look like.

We have all been there! At Guardian we will save you time and provide the personalized training YOU need to perform at YOUR best!

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My Story

When Guardian Firearms Training was created I did it with one goal in mind. To help people!

There are so many philosophies and opinions on training, drills, gear, competition, home defense, basic knowledge of how a handgun works that it's so easy to get lost or stall out. My personal mission was and still is to help people avoid the struggles I encountered when first diving into firearms.

As a certified instructor I have had the opportunity to provide instruction and advice to clients at all levels and phases of their firearms journey. Words can't express how amazing it is to see the progression of students and I look forward to remaining a dedicated source in assisting with their continued growth,

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to training with you soon!


Please see Instructor credentials below!

Certified Instructor: NRA Basic Pistol

Certified Instructor: NRA Range Safety Officer

Certified Instructor: NRA Personal Protection In the Home

Certified Instructor: NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home

Certified: NRA Chief Range Safety Officer

United States Practical Shooting Association: Competitor in Production & Carry Optic Divisions


Any additional questions, I would love to have a conversation. Let's connect!


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