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                    Time: 1 Hour     

Completion of this qualification allows law abiding citizens to apply for their concealed carry permits. Participant must qualify with their handgun, or any pistol with a caliber equal to or larger than the one they plan on carrying once the pistol permit is obtained.


To pass the test you must get a score of 195 or better, out of a 300, within 30 consecutive rounds shooting at 25 yards on an Army-L target. This is to be done "slow fire"


** Slow Fire is defined as having 10 minutes to shoot each of the 3 sets of 10 shot strings


                   Time: 2 Hours   

This session is designed as an introduction to competitive shooting. We will cover match safety rules, range commands, scoring, divisions, and mindset. The live fire will be covering how to assess a stage, drawing from the holster, magazine reloads, moving while shooting, and drills to enhance speed/accuracy. In this session you will have a chance to run through a USPSA Stage & qualifier.


** Student should bring hearing protection, eye protection, pistol, belt, holster, at least 2 magazines and 2 magazine pouches, and ammunition

               PRIVATE SESSION

                  Time: 1 1/2 Hours     

Private Lessons are ideal for the shooters of ALL levels, those wanting to practice at the range, try a new pistol that they are considering purchasing, or are certified and want additional practice to improve accuracy. We will cover safety and provide personalized instruction for instant improvement giving clients confidence through proficiency with their firearms.


                    Time: 1 Hour     

This private session educates shooters on how to properly clean and maintain their Glock. Firearms are only as useful, reliable, and functional, as the hours put in their upkeep and maintenance. We will be covering cleaning methods and a complete strip of the firearm. Students may bring their own Glock Pistol from home or can choose from our inventory.

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